Ultrahack winner projects

Trashalizer & Fundraising for Malaria - 2018 and 2015 winners

1. Trashalizer: Awarded the main price by the United Nations technology innovation lab, VTT and KIC climate nordic at the Ultrahack 2018 Global Consumption hackathon and featured at Slush 2018. The Trashalizer project is about empowering trash pickers in developing countries with new tools to make a profit from collecting plastics. The goal is to put a dent into the global plastic pollution epidemic.

The competition work was organized by Eero from Break with Vu Nguyen as a supporting developer and Sami Kivelä from the University of Lapland in a mentoring role.

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2. Against Malaria Foundation project: awarded in the Creative Charity track of Ultrahack 2015 (part of official Slush hacks)

We created a fundraising game for the Against Malaria Foundation, the concept we developed was to create a game fund fundraising with cryptocurrencies, and the profit of this game goes towards the purchase of mosquito nets for families in Africa. 



The Against Malaria Foundation has been consecutively [url=”https://www.givewell.org/charities/top-charities”]chosen by the GiveWell foundation[/url] to be among their picks for top charities based on rigorous scientific research about the effectivity of the work they are doing.